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Why was he Collecting Elephants?

cobra castle elephant

When Phillip died, he had boxes of elephants. Weird. I had never seen elephants in his apartment. Hmmm. What is this about?

I took the elephants and dusted them off and carefully placed them strategically up on my pot shelf as decor. He must have had a reason he kept them so I’m keeping them.

Shortly after, Ezgi, Phillip’s girlfriend and Ava’s Mom stopped by.

“Do you know why he had elephants?” I asked.

“Yeah. In the Turkish language, Phil means elephant. He thought that was cool so he started collecting them.” She answered.

You see, Ezgi is Turkish. Her parents moved her to the US when she was one year old. She was raised in Chandler. She spoke Turkish and her parents still travel to Turkey regularly. He told me he planned to go there one day with her and talked about how cool it would be to visit.

So now, when I see an elephant, I think of Phil.

We recently went on vacation to Ireland and Scotland and nearly every AirBNB we stayed in had one thing. An elephant. If it didn’t, either the owner or someone else staying there was named Phil.

Coincidence? Maybe.

I can certainly create a belief around it. I am as creative as the next. I don’t really like to put a lot of thought into it though. I do know I smile when I see it and think of my sweet boy, Phil.

I miss him.

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