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Phil’s Life in Video

Phillip Shelton Manorial Montage from Phil Shelton on Vimeo.

Click here to watch the video played at Phil's Celebration

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  1. Linda Fisher

    Beautiful tribute to your son, Phillip. Watched the entire footage. He was another handsome Shelton. Some losses in life we will never understand. We just try to be grateful of the time we had them, and knowing we will be missing them forever. But personality, I'll never fully understand "why" I just learn to live with it. Thank you for the video. God bless

  2. MICHELLE, I just stumbled upon your blog, and I must say, the WARMTH, LOVE and PAIN therein moved me beyond description. After reading several of your posts about Phil and grief, I literally just watched ALL 16:20 of this video! I hope and pray that your grief has diminished greatly, and that celebrating the lives of everyone you currently love remains the order of your days. Honestly, reading your blog posts about Phil have made my entire night! THANK YOU for putting your feelings into words. The beauty of each and every post is that they resonate with EVERYBODY who has a pulse. I wish you the VERRRRRY BEST that life has to offer. You DESERVE nothing less. God bless you. FOREVER. AND. ALWAYS.

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