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Happy Birthday Alyssa – A moment in time

28 years old. So young and full of life. Gone. In an instant. Now. Another moment in time. Another year passes. Now. It is all we have. This moment. The moment you are reading this. Soon your brain will begin to think and go into the past. It will go to the good times and then it will go into the future and the sense of loss will find it’s way to your heart. The cold, stark reality of what

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How to become a Master of Grief when you Lose your Child.

January 17, 2040, is a significant day for me. It will mean I have gone through 10,000 days without Phil. My son. My baby whom I held in my arms and looked deeply into his eyes. The baby I bonded with, my foxhole buddy. My first born. My boy. In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell outlines the concept that you become a master at something after you have practiced it 10,000 times. I will be 76 years, 10 months, and

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