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Phil’s Music

Phil's Music shares some of Phil's favorite songs.

Phil's music isn't about him playing music. It is the music he liked to listen to. Although, he always wanted to play music when he got older and didn't go after it. He used to love it that his brother Sam could play the guitar and really thought it was cool. He even had a guitar that he planned to teach himself how to play.

Phil's Music was eclectic!

Phil's Music was very eclectic. He would listen to some very hard rock, rap and then he would listen to easy going stuff from the 80's. I am not sure I can capture all the songs he liked here. The purpose is to just give you a feel for what he liked.

Phil's Music was not embraced by Mom.

Phil's MusicOne of my biggest regrets as Phil's Mom is that I didn't listen to his music. We had so much trouble with Phil when he was younger that there was a gap between us. The gap had rapidly closed in by the time he died and I am so grateful for that. Still there was a gap. I always loved my son, I simply did not support some of his choices and I now realize that I had a lot of judgement on his choices all around. I thought because he had chosen a path of drugs when he was younger, all of his music was about drugs too. Some of it was. Some of it wasn't. Bob Marley was a known pothead. His music was mostly about love and being happy and being okay with the world. I just wasn't listening.

Phil's Music also would include music he liked to listen to when he was alive. There are some of Phil's favorite songs on this page. He loved Bob Marley and even wanted to name the baby Marley.

The first song was part of Phil's memorial video by Jon Carson. I have always loved this song and Phil's dad and Phil are both big Beatles fans…so it just seemed appropriate to post it on here.


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